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City Self-Storage is one of the leading self-storage operators in Europe. We are a private company which owns, develops and operates high quality self-storage centers. You can use City Self-Storage whether you need to store for personal, business or leisure reasons. Our expertise is based on years of experience.

Our stores are located in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Spain and Poland.

We operate all of our self-storage centers ourselves to ensure that you are provided with a consistent level of quality and service whenever and wherever you store your goods with us.

Our promise is to provide you high-quality storage solutions through our excellent customer service an expertise!

Little bit of history:

The Self-Storage concept - a convenient way to store goods and possessions is firmly established in the USA, but it is a relatively new arena in Europe.

With 40 sites in 6 European countries, City Self-Storage has grown into the third biggest European self-storage operator outside the UK.

The journey started with the first site in Norway in 1993 and with a minority stake in the Swedish "Safe Mini Lager". In 1998, the business expanded into Denmark. In 2002 the first sites were open in Spain and in the Czech Republic.

Year 2004 was extremely prolific for City Self-Storage.┬áCity Self-Storage continued its expansion into Spain by opening 2 brand new sites in Barcelona: Terrassa and St. Boi. 2004 also witnessed the "Safe Mini Lager" making a way for the nowadays strong "City Self-Storage" brand. This year first Swedish City Self-Storage site was opened.

Expansion continued also in 2006 with opening the first self-storage site in Poland.

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